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Course 12 - Becoming an Effective SpeakerCourse 12 - Becoming an Effective Speaker

Corsum Academy Course 12

The Becoming an Effective Speaker course is designed to provide leaders with a formula for asking the right questions, sharing the correct amount of information, and moving your stakeholders (customers, clients, partners, employees, etc.) to take action.  Participants will learn to identify what their audience needs and how to deliver that in the most effective manner.

Estimated Length: 49 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. The Benefits of Becoming a more Effective Speaker -
Online Lesson2. Customizing Your Message for Your Audience -
Online Lesson3. Delivery Methods and Techniques -
Online Lesson4. Knowledge Check -


  • Learning to craft your message in the proper framework in order for your audience to take the action you desire
  • Mastering the techniques that you can use every day to motivate your team and your customer to take action
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