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Course CatalogCatalog: Next Generation Leaders

Your long-term business success is dependent upon the development of your next generation leaders. Why leave this to chance? The Next Generation Leaders program is designed to help you understand today’s business climate by developing the skills needed to form and lead teams effectively and become a trusted advisor to your stakeholders.  The program will benefit team leaders, project and program managers, future leaders, and anyone that has an interest in growing their leadership skills. The Next Generation Leaders program consists of the following courses


  • Leading Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Developing a Culture of Ownership
  • How to Find and Keep Engaged Entrepreneurial Employees


  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Leading Stakeholders
  • Handling Difficult Clients
  • Getting Your Point Across and Making It Stick


  • Extending and Expanding Your Business
  • Identifying Customer Touch Points
  • Becoming a More Effective Speaker
  • Connecting – Building Relationships
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Course 01 - Leading Change

Credits: 1
This course explores the benefits and challenges in leading organizational change through six engaging lesson.

Course 02 - Leading Teams

The Leading Teams course challenges leaders to assess their own ability to lead teams.

Course 03 - Developing a Culture of Ownership

Developing a Culture of Ownership takes a basic commitment to create an environment that compels everyone to act as a steward of the business.

Course 04 - Finding and Keeping Engaged Employees

Engaged employees are fundamental for growth. Keeping employees engaged is the key focus.

Course 05 - Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Becoming a trusted advisor is a basic tenet in a strong client-advisor relationship.

Course 06 - Leading Stakeholders

The Leading Stakeholders course is designed to help participants better understand and lead the numerous stakeholders that impact their working environment.

Course 07 - Getting Your Point Across and Making it Stick

The Getting Your Point Across and Making it Stick course is designed to promote clean and effective communications between leaders and their teams. Participants will explore why delivering a message in a specific form and in a specific amount of time can be most effective when trying to get your point across.

Course 08 - Handling Difficult Behavior

The Handling Difficult Behavior course is designed for leaders to learn how to handle not just the person, but the behavior that is causing the organizational challenges. Participants will learn how to assess both the behavior of the individual as well as the surrounding environmental conditions to include their own response tos certain stimuli.

Course 09 - Customer Touch Points

The Customer Touch Points course is designed to identify each of the ways we touch a prospect and a customer and how even the most benign of those contacts can impact our relationship with our customer base.

Course 10 - Connecting and Building Relationships

The Connecting and Building Relationships course is designed to underscore the very nature of our modern workplace.

Course 11 - Extending and Expanding Business

The Extending and Expanding Business course is designed teach leaders to become more effective business developers. Participants will learn how to extend their current operations and expand their customer footprint by identifying what currently makes them successful and then developing an explicit plan for growing their business.

Course 12 - Becoming an Effective Speaker

The Becoming an Effective Speaker course is designed to provide leaders with a formula for asking the right questions, sharing the correct amount of information, and moving your stakeholders (customers, clients, partners, employees, etc.) to take action. Participants will learn to identify what their audience needs and how to deliver that in the most effective manner.
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